Prop Shaft Seal Monitoring

Custom Designed to ensure trailing propellers have bearing lubrication

Being an ocean-going motor-sailer, Hortense spends considerable time trailing her propellers. 

Without cooling water from engines she relies on electric pumps to supply water to her shaft bearings & seals.

For peace of mind, we installed a screen to monitor water flow and seal temperatures. A simple Seatouch graphical user interface allows her chief to log flows & temperatures in real time - then set alarm points just outside normal conditions to ensure quick detection if water supply reduces.

Password protected, these set-points are completely relevant to the vessel's actual bearings, seals and water supplies. Set correctly, - Seatouch will detect even the smallest reduction of flow (often caused by marine growth) that is not detected by binary, factory set no-flow switches.

Additionally, indicating the temperature of the seal faces provides a second opinion, meaning alarms are real and not to be ignored.

As damaged bearings & seals require haul-out and significant disruption to cruising, this system can be a real life-saver for the vessel's engineer & Captain.

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