S.Y Sassafras - Shore Power

Needing a bit more power and the capability to cruise the world meant a shore power converter was needed to replace here aged iron transformer

Two things were the catalyst for this job: Firstly the old transformer had aged and internally rusted resulting in the transformer humming loudly - it being fitted to the bulkhead right by the owners bed head. Secondly this yacht wanted to stretch her legs, sailing to places like French Polyenisia and the States where 60Hz dock power is not compatible with her 50Hz electrical systems. 

With other works in progress taking the generators out of action, temporary shore power and a hired dockside transformer were needed to keep everything running while we removed the old transformer, had new mounting brackets made and lifted the new Asea modular converter into place.

The existing transformer was relatively compact, creating a challenge fitting a full frequency converter in its place. The principles at Asea solved the problem by taking one of their standard single cabinet converters and cutting it in half, separating the transformer and HF power modules into discrete cabinets connected with factory fitted wiring harness's. This was a game-changer meaning the project was viable, as other units did not fit without major re-arrangement of the toys already filling the lazarette.

The increased capacity meant new supply cables from the aft lazarette and the main switchboard in the engine room needed to be installed. Weaving their way through an already crowded bilge, protected by high impact conduits and penetrating two watertight bulkheads with Roxtec transits - these large cables were a struggle to install but we got there in the end.

Final Word
Needing new mains cabling through the boat, temporary dockside transformer, and some heavy lifting, all in a short time frame required a can-do attitude from everyone on our team.

Completed on time, on budget and providing dependable power we remain very satisfied with the outcome.
Thanks for working with Attest!

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