The Beast - Seatouch Mini

We shrunk Seatouch into this stand-alone PLC & 6-inch screen combination

Bilge alarms - needed to satisfy Maritime NZ were the impetus for developing this small Seatouch alarm system for this Sportsfisher on steriods. Satisfying MNZ surveyors meant the screen needed hard-wired backup alarm operation, if in the unlikely event of complete touch screen or PLC failure. This rugged little system has the following capacities & features:

Hardware Features

  • 19 x  24vDC Digital inputs sink/source
  • 2x analogue inputs
  • 10 x  Relay outputs
  • 6-inch dimable full colour touch screen - waterproof to IP67
  • Controller enclosure 260mm x 260mm
  • Screen and controller can be up to 2 meters apart
  • Screen installation is easy - just one 25mm hole
  • Essential bilge alarms double redundant (hard wired)
  • GSM Pager sends txt alerts describing the alarm & text reply can acknowledge alarm.

Software Features

  • Alarm Logging - Date & time stamped for when alarm occurred, was acknowledged and finally restored
  • Bilge pump activity - accumulated run time and total cycles
  • Simple, Icon based graphics - Alarm groups flagged on home screen
  • Separate alarm indicators flash red for alarm, and show yellow for acknowledged (silenced) state
  • Can be customized to meet any requirement you have.

Alarm List

  • Anchor drag
  • Fire Cabins
  • Fire Engine room
  • Shore power failure
  • Generator water flow low
  • Port engine water flow low to shaft bearing
  • Stbd engine water flow low to shaft bearing
  • Battery voltage high / low
  • Bilge pump Fwd - running too long
  • Bilge pump Engine room - running too long
  • Bilge level Engine room - extreme high
  • Bilge pump Aft - running too long

We're really happy with how this little system turned out and see more room for improvement on the next one we do. So if you have automatic bilge pumps, are considering fitting smoke sensors, want to control navigation or decorative lighting, or remotely run pumps - and dont what a dashboard full of hole and out-dated push buttons this may be the solution for you. 

If your interested please get in touch so we can discuss the benefits.